Evergreen Foundation


Nearly four decades of industry experience provide Evergreen with the instincts and experience necessary to identify excellent real estate acquisition opportunities. Our goal with every acquisition is to uncover hidden development potential, mitigate risk and realize value-added exit strategies. Our dedication to value creation compels us to explore new ways to enhance the value equation for our equity partners.


  • Explore relationships with individuals, family offices, private equity firms and institutional organizations interested in investing in real estate assets
  • Understand goals and objectives of each partner, and customize partnership structures and service agreements accordingly
  • Work collaboratively to develop business plans for each initiative


  • Explore relationships with individuals, family offices, private equity firms Apply conservative underwriting criteria to secure value and manage risk
  • Generate off-market and highly competitive market deals through in-house acquisition managers and proven brokerage channels
  • Capitalize each project and execute to exceed target returns


  • Leverage relationships with national and local retailers to uncover redevelopment and leasing prospects
  • Deliver guaranteed schedules and budgets for all entitlement, design and construction efforts


  • Establish a reliable national infrastructure to support each asset, and ensure communication with all tenants
  • Maintain detailed, accurate, real time accounting and financial reporting


Evergreen is very competent in all the disciplines required for successful commercial development; finance, construction, leasing and management. Their professionalism, attention to detail, honesty, integrity and proven track-record are superior to anyone we know in the business. They perform as promised and we can count on them to deliver results.

David Goldstein, President of Diamond Ventures

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