Ron Wolford

Position: Vice President | Colorado Multifamily Construction

Ron Wolford joined Evergreen in 2014 as Vice President – Construction.  He began working in the construction industry in 1981, with residential construction as a primary focus.  Prior to joining Evergreen, Ron has held executive positions at design-build companies like Trammel Crow Residential as well as with Whiteco (WPM, Whiteco Residential and Prime Residential), as Vice President of Construction. His responsibilities there have included overseeing all aspects of construction and design activities.  Ron’s experience include retail, mid and high rise hotels, low and high density urban infill and high rise residential development and redevelopment.  In the past dozen years Ron has worked in 24 of the top 40 markets where he completed close to 10,000 units consisting of over 8-1/2 million square feet at a cost of over $750 million.  He has also been a Class A Contractor license holder in the States of Maryland, Virginia, Nevada and California.  Mr. Wolford received his Bachelor of Science from Northern Illinois University.

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